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Build a Heart of a Champion

Do you want to enjoy an active, long life filled with energy? As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional I come across many different clients all with different goals and wanting to achieve something different. In today’s society many people take up training to look better, lose weight, tone up, and feel better in themselves, however there are many other reasons why people should exercise, and the benefits of exercise goes alot deeper than just how you look.

Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death today. Worldwide heart disease touches approximately 17 million people a year, and this figure is growing, with the world Health Organisation estimating this to increase to 20 million by 2020. Heart attacks and strokes are the No.1 and No.3 biggest killers in the western world today, and this is due to the clogging of arteries that supply blood and nutrients to vital organs. Obesity is a major risk factor to heart disease, so your heart health alone is a pretty good reason for people wanting to lose weight.

Now whilst this statistic plants a bleak picture, there is also alot people can do to help reduce this statistic and most of that involves getting moving, being more active and eating alittle healthier. Maintaining a strong healthy cardiovascular system is essential for overall health and quality of life. So here are some ideas that will get you started and build a Heart of a Champion.

Get the body moving – Moderate physical activity can strengthen your heart. Regular exercise such as jogging, weight lifting, swimming, cycling and playing sports is key to a healthy heart and rich in fulfilling a long life. If you are not interested in joining the gym or taking up a sport, try walking. Taking 6,000 to 10,000 steps per day is a great way to build heart health and fitness.

Eat like a winner – Ditch the junk and fast food and create a heart healthy diet. By this I mean a diet high in protein, healthy fats like omega -3, good quality carbohydrates, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and lots of water. Eat plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables, the more colours you have in your food the more nutritionally rich the meal will be. Making sure you eat regularly is important too.

Rest and Recharge – Getting enough shut eye is vitally important for heart health. Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of heart problems. As I was saying in my last article ‘The importance of sleep for weight loss,’ we are all busy people and it is very tempting to shave a few hours off our sleep. Resist this temptation, for 8 hours every day of your life, sleep is the most productive thing you can engage in for a healthy and great life.

You can see from the statistics that exercise and diet is not only going to make you look better, give you those six pack muscles you have been wanting, and get rid of those unwanted bingo wings, it is also vitally important for our overall health and well being, and will in general will help us to live longer. Maintaining your heart health is crucial for a variety of things and it gives you energy to get on with your daily life. The most important thing is to do something every day, and eat properly.

To find out the best ways to incorporate exercise into your day to day life, please feel free to contact us at, where you can talk to one of our friendly personal trainers or book in for a FREE Lifestyle Consultation.

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