Beginners Strength Training Tips For An Effective Workout

Getting comfortable with a steady cardio routine is definitely a great accomplishment and something to be proud of, but if you are doing cardio day in, day out then it might be time for you to mix it up a little bit. I would recommend throwing in some form of strength training, not only will you see some amazing physiological benefits such as a decrease in body fat and weight loss, you will also see a massive improvement in your running/ swimming/ biking (or whatever cardio) performance as well.

Strength or resistance training can be a little intimidating at first if you don’t know where the hell to start but understanding the basics will help you feel more confident in the weights room.

Now whilst cardio is definitely an important part of your fitness, the benefits of resistance training is massive too. Strength training helps build muscle, and more lean muscle means more fat and calories burned. It also helps strengthen bones and joints, decreases the risk of injury and improves muscular endurance.

With the benefits or resistance training being so important, I am going to share with you so tips to help you get started with your strength training.