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At Build a Body, we want to help local businesses and business owners to keep their employees fit and healthy.  We believe that happy and healthy employees make for a better business and we want to work with companies who share our views, to introduce workplace practices that encourage and develop a more alert, energised and successful active business. Employees that are fit and healthy have fewer sick days and are more productive at work, and as a business owner I know that a healthy employee is a happy employee.

Throughout my time in the industry I have learned alot about fitness behaviours when it comes to businesses. You may be surprised to learn that many businesses could avoid making some expensive mistakes when it comes to health and well being.  There are some common suggestions when businesses look into health and well being, often the first suggestion is “Let’s build a gym” ….it could be a good idea, but what if you spend a fortune finding the space, providing and maintaining several thousands of pounds worth of equipment, then have it supervised for safety, only to find that nobody uses it after the first few weeks?

Or you decide to provide life insurance for your key personnel – does that actually help the business if the worst comes to the worst?

Another suggestion is to offer your staff a discounted membership to an overly expensive gym, to find your employees use it 3 or 4 times and then their membership goes to waste as they don’t bother going after the first month. These are all very common in when it comes to businesses offering a health and wellbeing program to their employees. 

We don’t just want you to tick a box, we want you to get things right. We genuinely care about the health and well being of your business.  We offer a fully equipped PT studio in Crown Hill, with highly experienced Personal Trainers and would like to work with you to keep your business fit for life and fit for business.

We offer a variety of different corporate fitness packages that will keep your teams fit and healthy in a 1-2-1, small group or bootcamp circuit session. Not only is this great for the wellbeing of your employees, this is also a fantastic way to implement some team building into your business, as employees with friends at work are likely to be happier at work. 

If you feel this is something that you and your business could benefit from or would like us to come in and conduct some health and lifestyle assessments, I would love to hear from you and discuss this further. A healthy team is a happy productive team.

For more information, our to discuss further please feel free to contact us

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