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Fitness and Nutrition Tailored Completely To You

Our 1 to 1 Personal Training service offer our clients personalised, individual exercise programmes tailored towards our clients goals and abilities in our Private Fitness Studio. Our trainers will offer you complete expert advise on exercise, nutrition and life style as well as track your progress to help you achieve your goals and transform your body and your life. Contact us now to book your FREE consultation. Read More....

Who Said Exercise Can't Be Fun

Our Bootcamps Circuits are tailored for all abilities and all age groups using a variety of equipment like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, tyres and your own body. These sessions designed to improve your fitness levels, increase strength and stamina and assist with weight loss whilst having fun in a friendly professional environment. Read More...


A blend of Yoga and Pilates

Less intimidating, more accessible this class blends the best of Yoga and Pilates together to gain maximum results for those wanting to improve Muscle Tone, get a Slimmer Physique and Tone Specific Areas of the Body.

The main benefits include Injury Prevention, Back Care and Strengthening the Core. Working all major muscle groups this is a class that will benefit the body and the soul. Read More...

Small Group Training

Why Not Train With Friends?

If you prefer to exercise with friends or work colleagues why not try our group training package. We can tailor your training so it is specific for your groups needs (i.e. training for a run or for a special event). Our group training sessions incorporate Bootcamps, HIIT Sessions, Circuit Training, Resistance Circuits and Core Circuits to get you Fitter, Stronger, Healthier and Active. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.  

Fitness Training Where Ever When Ever

Our Online Coaching Packages have all the benefits of our face to face Personal Training service but gives you the flexibility to exercise whenever you like from wherever you are in the world.  We design you fitness programmes specific to your own needs so you can work out in the gym, at home or in your hotel room whilst away with work. Read More.... 

A Fit Employee is a Happy Employee

We believe that happy and healthy employees make for a better business and we want to work with companies who share our views, to introduce workplace practices that encourage and develop a more alert, energised and successful active business. Read More...

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