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At Build a Body we understand that time can be quite limited and sometimes trying to commit to regular time slots with a Personal Trainer can be hard.


Build a Body have created a package that has all the benefits of our face to face Personal Training service however gives you the flexibility to exercise and follow your own personal training and nutritional plan whenever you like anywhere in the world.

You will be assigned your own Personal Trainer who will offer you 24/7 support, tailored individual exercise programmes, nutritional plans, monitor your progress and weekly contact via email or phone call. You will be given a complete consultation via the App, and a follow up Phone or Video Call to talk through you consultation so we can give you the best possible experience and get you to your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Our Online Training includes -

  • Access via our iOS and Android app so you are completely mobile

  • Your own individual log in to access your dashboard

  • Individual workout programs tailored towards your goals, with videos to help you along the way

  • Log and track your nutrition using our nutritional library or barcode scanner

  • Monitor and track your progress, including progress photos, weight and measurements

  • Log classes and other activities you do that are not gym based

  • Email, message and telephone support

What are you waiting for, take your fitness to the next level wherever and whenever you like.

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