Weight Loss Goals – Setting Yourself Up For Success

Setting weight loss goals is one of the most difficult steps in a weight loss and fat loss program. The way most people approach this and set themselves goals is usually based on what we used to weigh, or what we always wanted to weigh, and more commonly what other people weigh or the weight they have lost, but is this realistic to you?

Setting realistic, well planned goals will keep you focused and motivated, but the difference between success and failure can be how you approach setting these goals, as unrealistic and overly aggressive goals can undermine all your efforts.

The first step for any weight loss goal is to set yourself a reachable target, that you can actually measure. I hear it a lot when I sit down with people, many want to lose weight – usually a stone or half a stone but have no clear vision as to how they are going to get there and when they want to get there by! The key to setting a goal is to be SMART – Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time framed.

When I talk to most people, I find that everyone feels they need to lose weight, even if they appear to be at a healthy weight. This reverts back to my article last week about weight loss vs fat loss, and the fact that most people actually want to look and feel better in themselves. Again as you self this - if you were the same weight but 2 clothing sizes smaller then would you be happy?