Fitness over the Festive Season

The festive season can be such a busy time with work deadlines, parties, shopping, travel and kids being off school, and that can make it challenging to fit your fitness routine into your schedule. From now until the New Year your schedule will more than likely be filled with family obligations, travel, outings and tempting treats. Remember that health and fitness is part of your everyday life. It’s not something that can or should be turned on and off. Do everything in moderation.

Imagine the scenario…. You are visiting the family for a long holiday weekend. Its cold outside and you can’t get to the gym, or there is no gym or gym equipment in miles. It can be very tempting to pull on the oversized comfy jumper and sit on the sofa to watch a repeat of Santa Claus the movie with everyone else, eating bowls of crisps, nuts and boxes of chocolates. Does this sound familiar? What would you do?