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What are the benefits of Resistance Training for Weight Loss?

I often get asked by many of my clients – What are the best methods of exercise for Weight Loss?

A popular perception for many gym goers and clients alike is that doing extended periods of cardiovascular work is the best method for weight loss. Gym goers will spend most of their time in the gym on the treadmill or the bike trying to lose those extra few calories in the “fat burning” zone. Resistance training will tend to be avoided by many as they see that they may potentially put on weight and bulky muscles that may not be seen as desirable.

Now whilst extended periods of cardiovascular exercise has some benefits for weight loss and is certainly better to do something than nothing at all, I would disagree that it is the best way to lose weight.

The Remainder of this short article is going to look at the benefits of Resistance Training for weight loss, and how to keep this weight off!!

Resistance Training for weight loss has many benefits, for starters it helps increase your metabolism during and after exercise, meaning you will burn more calories for longer. Following a resistance training program for a sustained period of time will raise your resting metabolism, resulting in burning more calories when we are resting.

If you are worried about getting too big or bulky muscles, there are a few things to take into account. Firstly elevated metabolism through an increase in lean muscle tissue leads to a loss of body fat, which will reduce circumference size meaning you will look and feel better in your clothes. Female gym goers also do not have the high levels of testosterone that men have therefore will find it very difficult to become over muscular. When woman lift weights their muscle changes tend to come in the form of looking toned, becoming stronger and increase in endurance rather than size, as well as reducing the risk of other conditions such as Osteoporosis.

So as you can see Resistance Training in any Weight Loss or Weight Management program is a key component for you to achieve your goals. If you want to find out the best ways to incorporate a Resistance Training program into your workout, contact Build a Body today for your FREE Consultation.

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