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Why use an Online Personal Trainer?

Are you missing out?

Should you have an Online Personal Trainer?

Online Personal Training is a trend happening all around the world, becoming increasingly popular due to the accessibility of having personalised programmes to complete in a time and location to suit YOU!!

If you can't find the time to go to the gym due to work, family or lifestyle commitments then Online Personal Training could be the answer you are looking for. With Online Personal Training you have access to your workouts on your mobile phone or any mobile device so you can also workout from your home, at your hotel if away on business (or holiday- if you become obsessed!) or in the gym. The beauty of Online Personal Training is you don’t need to commit to certain time slots, and won't need to worry about cancelling that ‘in- person’ Personal Training session you have prepaid for because something has come up at work, everyone who owns a car seems to be on the same road going the same direction and you’re just not going to get there in time, childcare lets you down, or actually, you just don't feel up to it today…...You can just reschedule that workout which is waiting to challenge you to tomorrow when everything just feels more manageable.

Online Personal Training is a more affordable option than 121 ‘in-person’ PT sessions. With many 121 clients only seeing their trainer once a week at a price of around £45 per session this equates to £180 per month, and if you are lucky enough to be able to see your trainer 3 times a week then that cost equates to £540 a month. The benefit of Online Personal Training is that your very own Personal Trainer will design you individual personalised programs for you to complete as often as you require, so if you want to train 3 days a week, your trainer will tailor your workouts for a 3 day split and be with you virtually throughout your whole fitness experience, meaning you have more contact with your trainer therefore you are more likely to achieve your goals. Plus....Online personal training would cost you just £85 for one month, or £235 for three months!

If you go to the gym and get a Personal Trainer, you are generally given the trainer with the next available slot, you aren't always able to pick the trainer you want due to demand, and you also won't necessarily know much about them or their interests and specialisations. At BuildaBody, you can pick between the ‘brainy’ one, or the ‘muscly’ oneJ, both have great expertise in training and conditioning, and both have their own specific interests and background information is right there for you!

There is no stopping you taking your personalised workout into your gym, instead of paying for a Personal Trainer, there are videos for each exercise to show you ‘what’ and ‘how’ to do it correctly and safely and you don’t even need wifi to access your workout!

You are more likely to work out if you use BuildaBody Online Training, because you will have your trainer checking up on you to make sure you have completed your sessions scheduled, and with our mobile app, logging your food and monitoring your progress will encourage you to make healthier choices, as you will be responsible for your actions….

BuildaBody is giving you the perfect opportunity to take your training to the next level and push you in the right direction to ‘BuildaBody you love.’ You will receive support and guidance 24/7 – apart from when they are sleeping (everyone needs to sleep right?) and maybe eating… oh and obviously ‘working out’, but apart from that we are here for YOU!

These are not generic programmes given to everyone and anyone, each program is completely tailored to your personal needs and goals based on a detailed lifestyle questionnaire you will complete upon signing up and a call from your Personal Trainer to give that personal touch before you start your journey to ensure you are 100% comfortable with your programmes. We will be here to answer emails, monitor your eating habits from your daily food log, advice on nutrition, motivate, and basically build you into shape!

Check out our website to book your online Personal Training Package or contact us for more information. Use our early bird offer ONLINE15 for 15% off your first month.

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