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COVID -19 Health and Safety Guidelines for All Build a Body Clients



As your health and well-being is extremely important to us, please be advised that we have put in some measures to ensure the safety of our clients and us. These measures are to protect everyone and make sure your training session is pleasant, enjoyable and safe. 


  • Current government guidelines suggest 1 person per 3 metres squared in a gym environment, with this in mind we have decided to limit the studio to a maximum of 5 people during Personal Training Sessions (this includes the trainers). For our inside classes a maximum of 6 people including the trainer and participants will be allocated their own space and equipment. This allows all our clients plenty of space to enjoy their training and workouts as well as keeping well within the social distancing guidelines.


  • You will notice when entering the studio we have put floor tape and markings down and around equipment. This is to ensure enough space between equipment and to comply with social distancing regulations. 


  • Equipment has been moved around in the studio to comply with social distancing regulations. 


  • All clients will have to sign a Covid-19 Health PAR Q before their first session.  These will be kept on file and we will ask you at every session if anything has changed. 


  • Please stay in your car when you arrive to the studio. We will signal, call or come and collect you to come up to the studio. This is to reduce the amount of footfall coming in and out of the building at one time. As we are sure you will appreciate, we share upstairs with the dentist and we would grateful if people would not congregate around the entrance and hallway. 


  • We ask ALL clients to wash their hands before and after the session. Hand sanitiser will be supplied throughout the session at various stations. Please feel free to use this in addition to regular hand washing.

  •  We will be taking everyones temperature on arrival - should your temperature be over 38 degrees we will unfortunately have to ask you to go home and follow the government guidelines for testing. 

  • Plastic containers will be left on the window ledge. When you arrive at the studio we ask you to leave all personal belongs in these boxes.  These boxes will be cleaned and sanitised after each use and allows us to keeps everything in one place.


  •  It is not mandatory for face coverings to be worn in gyms or whilst you exercise, however if you wish for us or you to wear a face-covering please advise before-hand and we can accommodate this request. 


  • Should any client feel unwell or like they have symptoms of Covid19 please cancel the session prior to arrive and isolate in accordance to government guidelines.


  • All equipment, mats and touch points will be wiped down with a disinfectant product after each session and disinfected with a disinfectant spray during your session. The studio will also be deep cleaned on a regular basis.


  • Changing and Showering Facilities can be used if necessary, please advise us prior to your session so we can allow more time before our next bookings.

  • We have been advised by our governing body that until we have been informed otherwise, we are unable to spot on certain exercises and we are unable to perform assisted stretches. Once these rules change we will add these back into our training protocol.


  • Our Trainers have taken the Covid Secure Reopen Course through Sport England and our governing bodies to ensure we follow all the health and safety regulations and procedures to keep our clients and us safe, healthy and happy. 


I am sure you will respect that these guidelines are in place for your own well-being as well as ours, however, if you have any other requirements please let us know as we want you to feel completely comfortable and safe whilst being in the studio and the process to get you back into training as smooth as possible.  We hope you are happy with the measures we have in place.  


Welcome Back to the Studio.


Happy Training:-)



Stuart and Carla

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